Matthews Presents on Protection of Employees Working in Toxic Chemical Environments

Firm News

Doug Matthews was a co-presenter for a program titled Effective Monitoring and Protection of Employees Working in Toxic Chemical Environments. The presentation was part of the Signal Maritime Conference, held in Memphis on May 20-22. The issues covered included:

  • What a claimant must establish in claiming a work-related injury
  • The Administrative Law Judge's role in determining the credibility of the complaint
  • The burden of the employer in rebutting a work-related causation

Doug Matthews has practiced law in New Orleans for over 40 years and concentrates on a maritime trial practice as defense counsel. Doug has defended numerous Jones Act and 905(b) personal injury claims and also focuses on the Longshore Act, having presented the “employers'” case to Administrative Law Judges, the Benefits Review Board and the U.S. Fifth and Seventh Circuit Courts of Appeals. He has experience defending occupational illness claims under the Longshore Act, including audiological and pulmonary illnesses. 

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