Stefani Named Proctor in Admiralty by Maritime Law Association


Robert Stefani has been named a "Proctor in Admiralty" by the Maritime Law Association of the United States, a professional organization concerned with improvements in maritime law. This status is used to designate the association's most distinguished class of membership for practicing maritime attorneys, and is awarded only after candidates have met stringent professional and educational requirements to the satisfaction of the Committee on Proctor Admissions, according to the MLA's website.

Bob advises business owners in the maritime and other industries on financial transactions, corporate organization, governance, succession and ownership matters. He also represents companies in resolving commercial disputes, workouts, collections, complex reorganization and liquidation cases, and the prosecution and defense of bankruptcy-related claims. 

The designation “Proctor in Admiralty” is of ancient origin and applied to lawyers entitled to handle maritime litigation. The word “Proctor” was derived from the Roman word “Procurator,” which was translated into English as “Proctor” when the Admiralty Courts were set up in England in the 13th century with jurisdiction over disputes within the Royal Navy as well as purely commercial maritime matters. The designation was continued in the American colonies and, while no longer in official usage, was used until recently in the U.S. federal court system.

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